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Re-activate my journal?

Recently I realize that I haven't post here for looooong time....
Well, a lot of things happened.
First: I am now at my first year University and therefore have much much less free time...
Second: I cannot bring myself to leave my other blog.. (even though I love LJ!!) So I won't be posting in both blogs but one...
Third: As time goes by, I've been switching fandoms... wandering around a lot... The new fandoms took me a bunch of time to integrate, but now all are pretty much settled. As for the old fandoms, there's always love.

Actually, with that post, I just really want to thank all the communities I joined. For almost a year I didn't post anything, NONE of the communities abandoned me. Thank you for letting me stay within you. It's really warm to come back after a long time and find out that all stay the same, that I am still welcomed.

[As an re-activation post for my journal, I'll just talk a little bit about my recent life.]

I start practicing Kendo in my University's Kendo club. It is really a fun but serious martial art and you can actually feel the Japanese culture and tradition through the sessions. Below is my shinai, I decided to write my name on it with a bamboo hair pen (actually my mom did it). All very traditional.

I also brought a new acoustic guitar since April... Before I played classical guitar, but with the acoustic one I can play more of pop music. Yes I'm a big fan of guitar. Please talk to me if you like it too.


I started to drink a lot of coffee... Coffee is important (essential) to University life. You have to get used of it. I still have friends that say coffee tastes bitter. In fact, it tastes really good if you pick the right kind of coffee suited for you. Colombian 100% is the most popular one. Yummy.


What else? Ah! I should introduce you to my ideal-type-most-perfect-guy-in-the-world-I-love-him-everyday-stuck-in-my-head-wanna-have-him-for-hubby
Do you know him? But I'm not gonna tell you his name~ :P


Well that is!! ^____^ Long post, isn't it?? Please do not abandon me if I disappear again~
Wish everyone a great life! 



I drew a Kris from EXO-M... OwO


POT - a Dream Pair doujinshi to share

Dream Pair's doujinshi are so very few... Today I'm going to share the only hard copy of this pairing that I've got..
Hope you like it! :)

: Serendipity
Circle: Sawaji Kie
Fandom: Prince Of Tennis
Pairing: Fuji x Kikumaru
Warning: Yaoi
Rating: PG-15
Language: Raw scan, Japanese
Scans by: Lovelyell (me)

Download Link:
Please do not redistribute without permission ^_^

The lyrics are taken from Anime Lyrics dot Com. and Baidu.Com
Original lyrics contributed by 手冢良美
Romaji lyrics contributed by tora_chan <tora_chan@animefan.co.uk>
Translated to English by purplegarnish
ranslated to Chinese by 手冢良美

The lyrics are taken from here: http://tenipurisong.blogspot.com/2008/02/free-as-bird-return-to-t.html
posted by 奇妙兔.
She says that people can re-post the lyrics at their place as long as the link of the original place and her name are cited. 

Free as a bird ~Return to T~Collapse )

I just find out that piece of evidence and I am like : OMG this is so cute!! I'm sure that they did it on purpose....!!!
Does anyone notice??

One of Tezuka's character song is called : Shinkokyuu ~Dedication to E~
I was thinking: does "Dedication to E" actually mean this song is for Echizen?? And does anyone see the lyrics? It really could be considered like a love song.

Then, one of Ryoma's song is called: Free as a bird-Return to T-
..............!!!!! Does everyone see the association???!!! Return to Tezuka, I'm sure about it!!! :D 

Whatever, I'm just getting very very excited xD 

TezuRyo rules!! 
I have read these two manga since a long time ago and now I feel to write something about this! (Caused by a discussion with leviosa8 :D) And I am going to use my awful English…!! That will be the first time I write something like a feedback in English… (Usually I do it in Chinese of in French.) Hopefully people can understand…

There are two..well..BL manga by Ragawa Marimo that I really adore and will like to suggest: «N.Y.N.Y.» and « For me to you». Indeed, I do not really like to say it with these words. It is like I cannot describe Titanic just as ‘a story in which a boat sinks’. Ragawa’s manga are not like every other BL manga that people will suggest you to kill time or to read for fun. They are much deeper and can be difficult to read for some people.

Read moreCollapse )

The Princes blow you a Valentine Kiss~

Today is not Valentine Day... but anyway, I just decide that I will collect all the versions of Valentine Kiss XD
Here the list of all the singers I can find for this song:
-Shiraishi Kuranosuke
-Atobe Keigo
-Atobe feat Shiraishi
-Oshitari Yuushi
-Oishi Shuichiro
-Niou Masaharu
-Ootori Choutarou
-Shishido Ryou
-Hiyoshi Wakashi
-Sanada Genichirou
-Yuujirou Kai
(All of these version can be found on Youtube and mp3 versions available on Google XD But if someone requests a mp3 version, just drop a comment and I will send it :)
I plan to go to Japan next year during vacation and I will definitely try to get those Tenipuri CDs!!!
Tenipuri songs are seriously good <3

A late happy birthday to Tezuka..!!

I am doing a fanart for Tezuka's birthday... but I just can't finish it!! T T It is too ugly.....
I try to draw a profil view of Tezuka but awww I'm so seriously bad at drawing profil!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe I'll just draw another one..

Tezuka buchou, forgive me to not give you your birthday present on time...
Have a very very happy bithday ^_^

And for those curious ones who would like to take a look on the failed draw anyway......

Here it is...Collapse )

For Atobe Keigo

Happy birthday~ (It's October 4th, but I won't have time to come...)

I do a fanart and it's really not the same thing than drawing something from a picture.. because you have to imagine the scene by yourself and put it on paper, which seriously is not simple if you're not an art student... but anyway, I got so much fun while creating this!! ^ ^

Hope Keigo-kun (and you people who happen to be there, maybe you're lost xD) will appreciate it!

Colored version : (pencil draw + photoshop)
(seriously I'm really bad at photoshop... just don't know how to use it)

atobe keigo

Pencil only versionCollapse )